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DHSI 2021: Project Management in the Humanities

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Project Management in the Humanities (9 June 2021)

Conference chair: Lynne Siemens (U Victoria)

Registered participants can access the page containing the presentations here: Please use the credentials shared with you via email to access the website.

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Project management is a tool that has long been associated with business. Its use in the academy is increasing as projects grow beyond the scope of a single researcher. Funding agencies are encouraging this trend by requesting detailed and realistic work plans as part of grant applications. However, challenges exist for the application of project management to research projects. For example, research goals may be articulated but the methodology to accomplish them is not well understood. This is further complicated by the fact that researchers see the application of these tools as rigid management approaches, perhaps not suited for the academy.

Having said this, due to increasingly collaborative interdisciplinary projects, many humanities scholars find themselves as “instant” or “accidental” managers. They are leading teams of researchers from a variety of disciplines, research assistants, librarians and others, as well as managing financial and other resources. This is something for which they are often not prepared due to a lack of training in this area.

The conference consists of two parts: an institute lecture and pre-recorded presentations + a live discussion.

The institute lecture will take the form of a one-hour live opening keynote that will be hosted on 9 June 2021, 8:30-9:20am Pacific Time. The lecture will be recorded and posted online after the conference.

The presentations will be pre-recorded and posted in advance of the conference. The two-hour live discussion and Q&A for the presentations will be hosted right after the institute lecture, on 9 June 2021, 9:30-11:30am Pacific Time.

All conference presentations are accessible online and in advance to those registered, as is the Zoom link. Times below are for their discussion and Q&A, via Zoom; synchronous and asynchronous discussion also via Twitter (#dhsi21pm and #dhsi21)

All times are in Pacific Time

When: Wednesday 09 June, 2021, 9:30 am - 11:30 am PDT
Where: Online
Submitted by: Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI)
  1. digital humanities
  2. ETCL
  3. project management
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