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1 General Discussions This is a place for discussions on a variety of general topics. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
5 Using the Commons Here you can discuss how to use and navigate the Canadian HSS Commons, share your tips and tricks, and more! 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Doing Research
8 Programming Tools and Languages Ask questions and share experiences about XML, HTML, Javascript, and other programming tools and languages used in research. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
9 Project Management Discuss the challenges and suggestions for managing research projects big and small! 1 Discussions 1 Posts
7 Research and Project Tools Discuss research and project tools, how to use them, when they work best and more. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Open Scholarship
17 Doing Open Scholarship Converse about how to engage and implement open scholarship practices and what it means to do open scholarship. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Sharing Research
11 Abstracts and Proposals Here you can ask for help with abstracts and proposals and share tips and suggestions with others. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
13 Community Engagement Share ideas about how to share and engage research in the community! 0 Discussions 0 Posts
10 Conferences Discuss how to prepare for conferences, ways to engage the research community, and share reflections from particular conference events. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
12 Publishing Discuss all things publishing—from submissions to peer review, open access and more! 0 Discussions 0 Posts
14 Recommendations Do you have recommendations for sharing research or stories that others can learn from? Share them here! 0 Discussions 0 Posts
Special Topics
59 Generative AI A place to discuss or share anything related to generative AI and its impact on humanities and social sciences research. 0 Discussions 0 Posts
16 Assignments and Evaluation Ask questions and share ideas about developing course syllabi and student evaluation. 1 Discussions 1 Posts
15 Student Support Here you can share your thoughts and ideas about how to best support students. Share success stories, or discuss specific challenges and how to navigate them. 1 Discussions 1 Posts