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    PhD in Education

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    University of Victoria


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    Digital Humanities

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    Hanh Pham is an educator and researcher in the field of education. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Studies with a specialization in Language and Literacy from the University of Victoria, where she completed her degree in December 2022. Her doctoral research focused on exploring teachers' beliefs and practices regarding formative assessment in a post-secondary English program, shedding light on effective strategies for enhancing student learning outcomes.

    Hanh's research interests span various areas, including Language Education, Second Language Learning (ESL/EFL), Strength-based Education, Formative Assessment, Constructive Alignment in Higher Education, and Open Education. With her strong background in these fields, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work, aiming to foster effective teaching and learning practices and empower students to reach their full potential.

    Throughout her career, Hanh has demonstrated a deep commitment to creating inclusive learning environments that recognize and build upon students' strengths. She is known for her ability to adapt her teaching style to cater to diverse student needs and to instill positive attitudes toward learning. Her dedication to research and teaching excellence, coupled with her passion for advancing language education, makes her a valuable asset in any educational setting.

    Outside of her professional pursuits, Hanh enjoys staying abreast of the latest developments in her field, attending conferences, and engaging in scholarly discussions. She actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with colleagues and contribute to the ongoing development of educational practices.

    @ the ETCL-UVIC: Hanh has joined the lab since January 2022 as a Graduate Research Assistant. She has involved with a handful of team projects, including investigating the initial impacts of the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory and developing the foundations for the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Commons. She has also played a part in setting up some of the conferences and events organized by the ETCL and its partners. Digital humanities is a new field for Hanh, so she’s looking forward to being a part of the DH community and learning more about open scholarship.

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    Graduate / Postgraduate

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    Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE)

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