Jo McCutcheon

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    Executive Director / Part-Time Professor

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    University of Ottawa / Association of Canadian Archivists


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    Jo holds her doctorate in Canadian history from the University of Ottawa and has been teaching part-time at the university’s History department since 1997. She teaches a diversity of Canadian and American undergraduate survey history courses and fourth year seminars that focus on archives, decolonization and material history. She has served as a Board Member of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and as a SSHRC program committee member. She has been an active member of the CHA and has supported the CHA Teaching Blog and social media for several CHA affiliated committees including the History of Children and Youth Group and the Public History Group. Her current academic research focuses on the ways historians and researchers can use hair to learn more about the construction of gender and growing up in a North American context.

    Since 1987, Jo has worked as a researcher, historian and consultant in Ottawa, merging her knowledge of public and private research projects while maintaining ties, memberships and relationships with the academic community.
    She is Vice-President for Minwaashin Lodge in Ottawa, recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Costume Museum, and is treasurer of the Canadian Historical Association.
    She has been the Executive Director of the Association of Canadian Archivists since late 2017.

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