Conference chair: Caroline Winter (U Victoria)


Since 2009, the DHSI Conference & Colloquium has been a valued part of the annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute. It offers an opportunity to present diverse, dynamic digital humanities research and projects within an engaging, collegial audience that actively fosters the ethos of the greater DHSI community.


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The DHSI Colloquium was founded by Diane Jakacki and Cara Leitch in 2009 as a forum for the DHSI community to share brief, high-impact demonstrations and presentations. It was a graduate-only event until 2011, when it was expanded to include scholars of all levels. Diane passed the torch to James O’Sullivan and Mary Galvin in 2013. 2014 saw the implementation of a poster session, as well as the Colloquium’s first special issue. Lindsey Seatter was appointed as the event’s Program Assistant in 2015. At the close of DHSI 2016, Mary stepped down from her position and Lindsey stepped into the role in her stead. Over the next few years, the Colloquium developed a digital demonstration gallery (run in tandem with the poster session) and instituted a single-stream day conference to support a longer presentation format. In 2018, O’Sullivan  passed his position to Kim O’Donnell, who served as co-chair for one year. Ahead of DHSI 2020, Arun Jacob accepted the position of co-chair alongside Lindsey, and he reprised this role in 2021 alongside Caroline Winter. Caroline has served as chair since 2022.


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Conference & Colloquium

Session 1: Digitization and Digital Editions Chair: Andie Silva (CUNY)

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


Caterina Agostini "Reading Rooms in The Edison Papers" (conference paper)


Trish Baer "The Demons are in the Details: Charles Altamont Doyle and The Heroes of Asgard (1857)" (poster)


Peter Binkley "Rooting a DH Project in a 1930s WPA Project: The Annals of Cleveland" (poster)


Janelle Jenstad (she/her) "Linked Early Modern Drama Online: A New Platform for Digital Critical Editions" (poster)


David Owen and Ambrose Cavalier "The Khadija Project: From Diplomatic Version to Archive to Digital Scholarly Edition of Ghadījah (Khadījah) Mint (Bint) al-‘Āqil al-Daymāniyya’s Ṭurrat al-Sullam al-Murawnaq" (lightning talk)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/5b18bf4f-6b6b-4fc0-be2f-db00d0840526/public

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Session 2: Working with DH Data Chair: TBD

Wednesday, 8 June 2022


Ceyda Elgul "Lives in Turkish: A Database of Biography" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/8a5f0769-a67f-42a2-b722-38968e716dd9/public

View transcript/additional materials: n/a


Alexandra Malouta and Angeliki Chrysanthi "Herstory: narrative design for connecting fragmented stories in AR locative storytelling" (conference paper)


Bailey McAlister (she/her) "Digital Communication and Rhetorical Practices in the Wine Community" (lightning talk)


Allen Priest and Bill Turkel "Using Contemporary Facial Recognition Systems to Classify Historical Photographic Portraits: Race, Gender and Sexuality" (lightning talk)


Session 3: Platforms, Methods, and Infrastructure Chair: TBD

Friday, 10 June 2022


Grace Campagna (she/her) "Digital Humanities and Collaborative Research in Medieval Studies: Crowdsourcing the Get to Know Medieval Londoners Project" (lightning talk)


Suzanne W. Churchill "Inclusive UX Design" (Conference paper)"


Arun Jacob "Clinicus Ex Machina: Analyzing the cultural logics of digital therapy apps" (conference paper)


Kim McLean-Fiander "WEMLO: The Wins and Woes of an International DH Project" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/92f2b246-291a-471c-8603-bcbd57f3ab32/public

View transcript/additional materials: n/a


Saba Pakdel (she/her) "A Perspective to Explore Epistemic Injustices: Coulthardian Self-recognition" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/8d65ff28-2bf4-4f2b-b472-2ab084a12268/public

View transcript/additional materials: n/a


Nikolaus Wasmoen and James Ascher Collaborative Recovery: Digital Scholarly Editing and its Transdisciplines at the ADE and the MLA

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/ab75565a-0f37-445a-998d-b26046500955/public

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Session 4: Texts and Images Chair: Hoyeol Kim (Deepgram)

Friday, 10 June 2022



Aleksandra Zuzanna Leniarska (she/her) "Return to Realism? Comparing 19th- and 21st-Century Novel Forms" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/d80eec56-f76c-4ab2-9beb-b46d41786915/public

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Arina Melkozernova "Russian Text Analysis: Preliminary Approaches for Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Indigenous Peoples of Russia" (poster)


Martina Vodola, Chiara Petrucci, and Lorenzo Gori "Otto/ottavi: On “uncreative” writing" (conference paper)


Robert W. Williams "Conceptual_analysis(concordancer(regex(corpus))) // A case study" (poster)


Elizabeth Zak "Graphs and Memes: An Overview of Anti-Vaccination Imagery (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/5b269a47-85e3-4337-a44d-1313991201dd/public

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Session 6: Places and Spaces 2 Chair: Arun Jacob (U Toronto)

Friday, 10 June 2022


Jeffrey Lawler "The Digital Arcade Project: Visualizing Arcades and Racialized Leisure Spaces in Southern California" (conference paper)


Sean Smith and Jeffrey Lawler "The Digital Arcade Project Part II: Finding a Place to Play in Los Angeles, Alternative Arcade Spaces and Arcade Gaming in Popular Culture" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/8f4fcbce-2d0e-4ab6-9306-360a6a2f80a7/public

View transcript/additional materials: n/a


Margaret K. Smith (she/her) "Submission Strategies: Mapping the Spatial and Social Networks of the Irish Submissions to Richard II, 1395" (lightning talk)


Olivia Donaldson "Departures: Peace Corps Pandemic Stories" (poster)

View presentation: https://dhsi.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/7317/2023/03/Departures-DH-Poster-Olivia-D..pdf

View transcript/additional materials: n/a


Sonia Emilia Mihai (she/her) "Brands and digital body interactive installations- a transfer of identity" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/4d360e20-b907-40ea-8a1b-c04be7d857be/public

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Manushri Pandya (she/her/hers) and Doris Wesley (she/her/hers) "Existing and Evolving Aspects of Mobility in Global South: A Comparative Analysis of Individuals Affected by Covid-19 in India and East Africa" (conference paper)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/b55df034-5978-4946-bd87-4a2343ce2073/public

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Bill Pascoe and Hugh Craig "Mapping Australia one layer at a time" (poster)


Mary Tuttle "Creating Effective Geographic Timelapses to Support Your Research" (lightning talk)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/67c5cf25-22f9-41d2-bc75-702091baf9ab/public

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John N. Wall (he/him/his) "Materializing Lost Time and Space: Implications for a Transformed Scholarly Agenda" (conference paper)