Conference chairs: Laura Estill (St. Francis Xavier U), Ray Siemens (U Victoria), and Constance Crompton (U Ottawa)


Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship encourages engagement of pertinent issues relating to pedagogy, training, and mentorship in the humanities from a digital, open, and/or social perspective.


The event’s format typically involves pre-recorded presentations (from five-minute lightning talks to full twenty-minute conference papers), which participants can view in advance of shared online discussion.


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Open/Social/Digital Humanities Pedagogy, Training, and Mentorship

Session 1: Innovations in DH Courses and DH in Courses Moderator: Deanna Stover (she/her) (Christopher Newport University)


Sally Hadden (Western Michigan University) “Teaching an Introductory Digital Humanities Course Using Specifications Grading”

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/c8d48f11-e11c-4338-8eae-4cc8db822b29/public

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Margaret K. Smith (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) and Geremy Carnes (Lindenwood University) “Expanding Access to the Digital Humanities in St. Louis”


Jessica DeSpain (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) “Community-Oriented Digital Engagement Scholars”


Amanda Madden (George Mason University) “Incorporating DH assignments into Humanities courses outside the DH Toolbox”


Ryan Anningson (Queen’s University) “READing in Three Dimensions: Combining 2D and 3D Data Presentations”


Session 2: Platform, Process, and Pedagogy Moderator: Marie-France Guénette (Université Laval)


Setsuko Yokoyama (Singapore University of Technology and Design) “Merdeka / 獨立 /சுதந்திரம் / Liberatory Computing?”

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/13279280-1a2b-43f4-a431-50b2f420a4fc/public

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Dinara Gagarina (HSE University) and Iliana Ismakaeva (HSE University) “MOOC on Digital History: Russian Case”


Olivia M. Wikle (University of Idaho) and Evan Peter Williamson (University of Idaho) ​​“Exploring Static Web in the Digital Humanities Classroom: The Learn-Static Initiative”


Cindy Conaway (SUNY Empire State College) and Nicola Marae Allain (SUNY Empire State College) “Reframing the Humanities for the Digital Era: Lifelong Learning in a Digital Communication Program”


Megan Perram (she/her) (University of Alberta) “Literary Hypertext as Illness Narrative for Women and Nonbinary Individuals with Hyperandrogenism”


Session 3: Creating with and Mentoring Students Moderator: Amanda Madden (she/her) (George Mason University)


Rosario Rogel-Salazar (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México), Brian Rosenblum (University of Kansas), and Alan Colin-Arce (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México) “Collaborative creation of an OER in a virtual sociology classroom”

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/b8d83b57-e41b-4651-88b4-03ac13a33bab/public

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Jessica DeSpain (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Kristen Lillvis (St. Catherine University), Emily Rau (University of Nebraska Lincoln), Karin Dalziel (University of Nebraska Lincoln), and Etta Madden (Missouri State University) “The Recovery Hub for American Women Writers”


Deanna Stover (she/her) (Christopher Newport University) “‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’ Digital Edition”

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/d54b3ceb-0567-4c46-9a83-7be349fce882/public

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Jaydon Polischuk (he/them) (University of Victoria) “​​Future Topics for Digital Humanities: Initial Efforts and Ideologies for Designing a New Generation of Knowledge Spaces


Kristine Hildebrandt (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Daniel Flaum (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Hope Krisko (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), and Sophie Elise Compton (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) "Recruiting Students from Non-Humanities Backgrounds to DH Projects: The Schaefer Edoid Project at SIUE"


ADHO SIG Panel: Multilingual DH Pedagogy: Challenges and Promises
Organizers and Chairs: Diane Jakacki (Bucknell University) and Brian Croxall (Brigham Young University)


Cecily Raynor (McGill University)

View presentation: (see Marie-France Guénette's video)

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Susan Schriebman (Universiteit Maastricht)

View presentation: https://echo360.ca/media/91869c0e-45fd-4790-962b-31ede02cdeee/public

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