DHSI 2023 (Institute Lectures)

Every year, we have the pleasure of hosting institute lectures as part of the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. This speaker series, which now takes place both in person and online, provides DHSI registrants with the opportunity to hear from leading researchers and field experts on a variety of subjects relevant to digital humanities.

Note: To access any materials for this event that have been shared only with DHSI 2023 registrants, please visit the Institute Lectures page in the main DHSI 2023 group (also available via the DHSI 2023 group's left-hand menu).

Invited Institute Lecturers

  • Chris Friend
  • Andie Silva
  • Edmond Chang
  • Gimena del Rio Riande
  • Lai-Tze Fan

To learn more, please check out the DHSI website.

For a complete listing of past Conference & Colloquium participants, visit our Course Archive!