Projects: Features

Updates & Microblogging


The main project page, much like Facebook Wall or Twitter feed, provides a stream of project updates from all team members, with the ability to comment on certain activities.

From the news feed you will learn:

  • when a new person joins your project
  • when a team member shares an update or posts a comment
  • when a new to-do item is posted or checked off
  • when someone adds/edits project notes
  • when a new file is uploaded or updated
  • publication status updates

To-do Lists


Projects include a sleek To-Do tool that lets you keep track of your day-to-day project agenda. Project members can add and edit to-do items, assign them to each other, specify the due date, add comments and check items off. There is also an ability to create multiple (up to 10) to-do lists.

Project Notes


Project Notes is the wiki area for your project, where you can record extended comments, sketch ideas, elaborate on the development agenda or otherwise use this free-form writing space to facilitate collaboration and get your project going. You can add multiple pages and subpages, create wiki templates, embed project images and files, and use other popular wiki features available across the site.

Project Team


A project can be created by an individual user or a group. Whichever is the case, project managers can extend their team by adding other users and groups they belong to. They can also invite external collaborators via email. The team management interface allows to assign manager/collaborator or read-only role to team members.

File Management


Projects provide multiple file-sharing options. For example, you can share files with your team using popular services such as GitHub, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Each project also comes with a Git repository to store your files and data. With this comes a built-in web file browser, which reads the repository and allows you to do multiple-file uploads, delete, rename and move files around, compile LaTeX files into PDF, as well as view file history and diff revisions or download all previous versions.



Projects integrate a publishing engine to get your project materials delivered to the world in the form of web publications. Each publicly released version will receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to let others cite your work. Public can leave reviews, file support tickets and add ideas to the wish list on each publication. Down the road Projects will let you publish not only selected project files, but also project apps, interactive databases, resource collections, wiki materials and links to external websites.