Launching a Digital Commons for the Humanities and Social Sciences: Congress provides academic researchers, information professionals, administrators, students, and members of the interested public with the opportunity to explore how digital research commons can transform scholarly communication, publication, and collaboration.

In the first session, "Using the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons: An Interactive Workshop," participants will gain hands-on experience and training on the not-for-profit, academic-run Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons (hsscommons.ca). This digital research commons is a hub for open social scholarship, combining elements of social network sites, tools and platforms for collaboration, and institutional repositories to serve the linguistically, geographically, and culturally diverse community of HSS researchers in Canada and beyond.

As part of the second session, "A Digital Commons for the Humanities and Social Sciences," featured speakers Leslie Weir (Library and Archives Canada), Chad Gaffield (University of Ottawa), Julia M. Wright (Dalhousie University), and Gabriel Miller (Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences) will discuss related issues, such as how digital research commons—and research infrastructure more generally—can help advance open, social scholarship in ways that speak to the needs of our communities.

To learn more about this event, please check out the individual sessions at the above links (on the Congress website) or visit https://inke.ca/launching-digital-commons-2/.