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  1. Toward modeling the social edition: An approach to understanding the electronic scholarly edition in the context of new and emerging social media*

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Ray Siemens1, Megan Timney2, Cara Leitch1, Corina Koolen3, Alex Garnett4

    1. University of Victoria 2. Blurb, Inc. 3. Leiden University 4. University of British Columbia


  2. Open Scholarship in Australia: A Review of Needs, Barriers, and Opportunities

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Paul Arthur1, Lydia Hearn1, Lucy Montgomery2, Hugh Craig3, Alyssa Arbuckle4, Ray Siemens4

    1. Edith Cowan University 2. Curtin University 3. University of Newcastle 4. University of Victoria

    Open Scholarship


  3. Open Scholarship in Action

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Randa El Khatib1, Alyssa Arbuckle1, Caroline Winter1, Ray Siemens1, ETCL Research Group1

    University of Victoria

    Digital Humanities


  4. Italians in Australia: Exploring An Ongoing Trilingual Journey

    25 May 2024 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Antonia Rubino