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  1. Database of unconventional dissertations--Companion to Amell (2023)

    17 May 2024 | Dataset | Contributor(s):

    By Brittany Amell

    unconventional dissertations, scholarly communications, unconventional scholarship, broadened scholarship, multimodal scholarship


  2. Welcome to the Social Platform you were dreaming of: the HSS Commons

    12 Feb 2024 | Posted by Carmen Kazakoff-Lane

    For years now, scholars have sought a one size fits all solution for sharing, collaborating and creating useful profiles.  Welcome to the HSS Commons Canada.   Using HSS Commons you can...


  3. Database of Unconventional Dissertation [CSV] -- Companion to Amell 2023

    06 Feb 2023 | Dataset | Contributor(s):

    By Brittany Amell


  4. Not all who want to, can--Not all who can, will: Extending notions of unconventional dissertations

    06 Feb 2023 | Dissertation | Contributor(s):

    By Brittany Amell

    unconventional dissertations, multimodal scholarship, scholarly communications, doctoral writing, writing studies, rhetorical genre studies


  5. Generosity, Collaboration, and the Common Good: Platform as Scholarly Practice

    Collections | 26 Jul 2022 | Posted by Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI)


  6. Scalar

    Collections | 20 May 2022 | Posted by Caroline Winter


  7. This is a blog post

    10 Feb 2022 | Posted by Graham Jensen

    Hello world!