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  1. Call for proposals

    The last 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic have shone a light on the critical importance of open access to research and data. Commenting on this situation in a December 2020 article for The...


  2. Call for proposals

    Over the past decade, open scholarship has become a key component of our increasingly networked world. Open scholarship encompasses open access to research, open datasets of academic and government...


  3. Call for Proposals

    How do we create open social scholarship in the 2020s?Over the past several decades, academic work has evolved alongside substantial and far-reaching changes in communication and collaboration. One...


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  1. Cartografía y genealogía literarias de Kafka: Un análisis bajo la lupa de la criticometría 12 Feb 2024 | Article | Contributor(s): Carolina Ferrer

    Kafka, World Literature, Polysystem Studies, Digital Humanities, Criticometrics


  2. The Literary System of the Iberian Worlds Through the Lens of Criticometrics 12 Feb 2024 | Book chapter | Contributor(s): Carolina Ferrer

    Polysystem studies, criticometrics, Iberian Worlds


  3. 23 Years: What Have We Learnt in OA and What Gaps Remain in the National Ecosystem? 26 Jan 2024 | Presentation | Contributor(s): Roxanne Missingham

    open access, open social scholarship


  4. Scholarly Books in the Digital Age: A Canadian Perspective 26 Jan 2024 | Presentation | Contributor(s): Gabriel Miller


  5. The Evolution of a Digital Publishing Platform in Canada 26 Jan 2024 | Presentation | Contributor(s): Tanja Niemann


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