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2023 Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) Online

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The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) is an annual digital scholarship training institute that takes place at the University of Victoria. Every summer, DHSI brings together faculty, staff, and students from the arts, humanities, library, and archives communities as well as independent scholars and participants from areas beyond. DHSI provides a community-based environment for discussing and learning about new technologies and how they influence teaching, research, creation, and preservation in different disciplines. Around 800-900 participants attend this time of intensive coursework, seminars, and lectures, where participants share ideas and methods as well as develop expertise in advanced technologies.

With an alumni community of 6,600, DHSI’s activities are supported by over 75 partners & sponsors and a growing pedagogical partnership and international training network. It is coordinated by the Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI; at UVic.

Described by one participant as an event that “combines the best aspects of a skills workshop, international conference, and summer camp,” DHSI prides itself on its friendly, informal, and collegial atmosphere. We invite you to join the DHSI community in Victoria to learn and connect with friends and colleagues, new and old.

What DHSIers Say…

  • "The class was useful but as important are the connections I’ve made with so many great people doing exciting work. "
  • "Thank you for an amazing week! I haven’t been so thoroughly satisfied with a learning experience in a long time! "
  • "My overall experience is positive because of the opportunity to study with a leading figure in the field and the opportunity to network. "
  • "Organization, pace, content ... the relaxed humour of the instructors: fabulous. "
  • "The overwhelming abundance of intellectual verve has already changed my research directions for the near future. "

Take a peek at our previous offerings and what we have coming up for this year!

If you are wanting to join us, check out our registration information!

When: Monday 12 June, 2023 8:00 am PDT - Tuesday 13 June, 2023 5:00 pm PDT
Where: Online
Submitted by: Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI)
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