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25 Feb 2022

Welcome to Launching a Digital Commons for the HSS!

Welcome! We're so glad that you're interested in learning more about the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Commons.

This group was created for anyone interested in learning more about—or attending—our Launching a Digital Commons for the HSS event series. Launching a Digital Commons for the HSS is a three-part event series. Funded by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connection Grant, it is intended for researchers, librarians, academic administrators, information and technology professionals, students, and emerging scholars. Participants will discuss issues relevant to open digital commons such as the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons. To learn more, check out the project pages for each event in the series:

What is the Canadian HSS Commons?

For those interested in a quick overview of the Canadian HSS Commons, please check out our "Primer" (attached here, but also shared on this group's "Files" page, which you can access via the navigation menu on the left). This document contains a concise list of key featureskey benefits to Canadian HSS researchers, teams, associations, and institutional partners, and a list of future directions for the site.

How can I get started on the Canadian HSS Commons?

To learn more about how to use the site to take full advantage of its features, we'd invite you to register for one of our workshops at Launching a Digital Commons: Congress (May 12) and Launching a Digital Commons: DHSI (June 9). In the meantime, though, please feel free to check out our how-to videos and knowledge base. And please do let us know if you have any questions!

Want to learn more about digital research commons more generally?

Finally, for more about the intellectual history of digital research commons, as well as discussion of their present-day applications and related issues, please check out the Canadian HSS Commons' "Further Reading" blog post.

We look forward to connecting with you in the Commons!

  1. critical infrastructure studies
  2. digital humanities
  3. digital knowledge commons
  4. digital research commons
  5. digital research communities
  6. digital research infrastructure
  7. digital scholarship
  8. open scholarship

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