Launching a Digital Commons for the Humanities and Social Sciences

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25 Feb 2022

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Keynote talk video: Partnering to Build the Digital Commons: Past, Present, and Future

The journey of our relationship with the Digital Commons has fundamentally changed and continues to shape the way we consider support and partnership for national cloud-based research projects in the Compute Canada Federation. Whether they be in or outside Humanities and Social Sciences. We will share these changes and the way that we are committing to support the Digital Commons and its launch. We will also discuss the context of a substantial transition period and time of change at the Compute Canada Federation, and how through that, we intend to support the Digital Commons and other projects like it in the future.

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Keynote talk video: Generosity, Collaboration, and the Common Good: Platform as Scholarly Practice

As we work to transform higher education, making our institutions more inclusive, more just, and more generous in their relationships with constituencies both on- and off-campus, we must also consider the roles that our ways of working with our communities of practice play in such transformation. This talk will explore the need for a scholarly communications infrastructure that is open-source, open-access, not-for-profit, and radically interoperable in order to facilitate the kinds of collaboration that can allow research and publishing to serve our highest goals and to function in accordance with our highest values.

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