#17 Designing Digital Publications

Mary Borgo Ton and Dan Tracy

This course will focus on strategies for designing, building, and publishing long-form scholarship in fully digital formats. As we consider commonly-used platforms like Pressbooks, Omeka, and Scalar, we will discuss flexible writing workflows and best practices for developing a multimodal expressions of your research, regardless of medium. Our discussions will be guided by an audience-centered approach to project design, and the course will offer participants ample opportunities to reflect on their own research, professional goals, and audiences as they make choices about the content and layout of their own projects. This course is ideal for graduate students who are contemplating a born-digital dissertation, scholars who are working heavily with multimedia, and those who are curious to explore alternatives to print-based scholarship.

This course balances lectures with hands-on activities. This offering harmonizes with courses on project planning and management, open access and open social scholarship, digital storytelling, and digital editions. We are particularly eager to support projects that grow from DHSI courses on race, social justice, intersectional feminist and queer digital humanities.

Auditor Option: Available

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