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  1. Gergal, The Medieval Climate Optimum and the Little Ice Age: An East Sussex Perspective

    Collections | 29 Mar 2022 | Posted by Caroline Winter


  2. Newfield and Oppenheimer, Comment on "Effects in North Africa of the 934-940 CE Eldgjá and 1783-1784 CE Laki eruptions (Iceland) revealed by previously unrecognized written sources" Brugnatelli, V., and Tibaldi, A.

    Collections | 28 Oct 2022 | Posted by Caley McCarthy


  3. Oct 19 2021

    Talk: From catastrophe to community: the climate disaster project (Sean Holman)

    The Electronic Textual Cultures Lab at UVic is pleased to invite you to a talk with Sean Holman (Wayne Crookes Professor in Environmental and Climate Journalism, UVic) on the climate disaster...