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  1. Digital Knowledge Commons: A Brief Introduction

    11 May 2022 | Video essay | Contributor(s):

    By Graham Jensen

    University of Victoria

    digital knowledge commons, digital research commons, commons, critical infrastructure studies, critical data studies, open scholarship, digital humanities, digital scholarship


  2. "Fostering Digital Communities of Care: Safety, Security, and Trust in the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons" (Video)

    Collections | 31 Mar 2022 | Posted by Graham Jensen


  3. Welcome to Launching a Digital Commons for the HSS!

    31 Mar 2022 | Posted by Graham Jensen

    Welcome! We're so glad that you're interested in learning more about the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Commons. This group was created for anyone interested in learning...


  4. Open Knowledge in Context: The Commons

    28 Mar 2022

    This course explores the history and evolution of knowledge commons, as well as discussion and hands-on exploration of present-day examples of open, not-for-profit digital knowledge commons, such...