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  1. Public Works: Ecological Inspiration for Equitable Knowledge Production

    Alyssa Arbuckle (U Victoria) and Katina Rogers (Inkcap Consulting) Abstract: The humanities have long relied on specific ways of creating and sharing knowledge—modes that, we argue, no longer...


  2. Beyond Browsing and Reading: The Open Work of Digital Scholarly Editions

    13 Jun 2022 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Jon Saklofske1, Jake Bruce1, INKE Research Team2

    1. Acadia University 2. University of Victoria

    Digital humanities


  3. ‘As strayght as ony pole’: Publius Cornelius, Edmund de la Pole, and Contemporary Court Satire in Henry Medwall’s Fulgens and Lucres

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Ray Siemens

    University of Victoria

    Literary Studies