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  1. Open Scholarship Resources

    17 May 2021 | Posted by Graham Jensen

    For a variety of resources on Open Scholarship, Open Knowledge, Open Access, and Open Data, please feel free to check out the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab's "Open Scholarship Resources"...


  2. The Initial Impact of the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory

    30 Mar 2021 | Report | Contributor(s):

    By Sarah Milligan1, Kimberly Silk1, Alyssa Arbuckle1, Ray Siemens1

    University of Victoria

    Digital Humanities


  3. It’s Not Personal: Modernist Remediations of William James’s “Personal Religion”

    26 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Graham Jensen

    Dalhousie University

    literary modernism, literature and religion, Canadian literature, Canadian modernism, William James, E.J. Pratt, personal religion, spiritualism, syncretism


  4. Introduction: From Technical Standards to Research Communities – Implementing New Knowledge Environments Gatherings, Sydney 2014 and Whistler 2015

    26 Mar 2021 | Abstract | Contributor(s):

    By Alyssa Arbuckle1, Lynne Siemens2, Aaron Mauro3

    1. UVic 2. University of Victoria 3. Brock U

    scholarly communication, digital humanities, digital publishing


  5. Introduction, Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship

    26 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Alyssa Arbuckle1, Luis Meneses1, Ray Siemens1


    open social scholarship; scholarly communication; open access; open scholarship; digital humanities


  6. Annotated Bibliography Assignment – 300-level English Course

    25 Mar 2021 | Syllabus | Contributor(s):

    By Caroline Winter

    University of Victoria

    English literature