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  1. Open, Collaborative Commons: Web3, Blockchain, and Next Steps for the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons (journal article)

    Collections | 08 Nov 2022 | Posted by Caroline Winter


  2. Peter Burke – A Social History of Knowledge: From Gutenberg to Diderot

    Collections | 20 May 2022 | Posted by Caroline Winter


  3. The Initial Impact of the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory

    30 Mar 2021 | Report | Contributor(s):

    By Sarah Milligan1, Kimberly Silk1, Alyssa Arbuckle1, Ray Siemens1

    University of Victoria

    Digital Humanities


  4. The Social Life of Scholarly Documents: Establishing Value in the Commons

    Collections | 26 Jul 2022 | Posted by Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI)


  5. Using the Commons: Training Workshop and Guided Exploration

    07 Jul 2022 | Course material or learning objects | Contributor(s):

    By Graham Jensen

    University of Victoria

    digital research commons, digital scholarship, digital humanities, open social scholarship