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  1. Bibliodiversity and the Evidence Ecosystem: Looking Beyond the Formal Publishing System

    Amanda Lawrence (RMIT University) Abstract: Recently various scholars and research groups have raised the issue of diversity in the scholarly communication system, questioning the merits of what...


  2. The Social Life of Scholarly Documents: Establishing Value in the Commons

    Collections | 26 Jul 2022 | Posted by Canadian Social Knowledge Institute (C-SKI)


  3. Towards Open Annotation: Examples and Experiments

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Lindsey Seatter

    University of Victoria

    Digital Humanities


  4. Gaming the Publishing Industry: Exploring Diverse Open Scholarship Models in Digital Games Studies

    30 Mar 2021 | Article | Contributor(s):

    By Jon Saklofske

    Acadia University

    Game Studies, Digital Humanities