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  1. Can I edit or delete my Blog and Forum posts and comments?

    Yes, you can do this by clicking on the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons at the end of your post. Please keep your comments polite and on-topic; any offensive posts will be removed.


  2. How can I make my project public, private, or accessible only to logged-in members?

    If you are creating a new project: When you create a new project, you can choose to make it available to the public (any visitor to the Canadian HSS Commons can find the project in searches and...


  3. How can I make my collections public, private, or accessible only to registered members?

    If you are creating a new collection:When you create a new collection, you can choose to make it available to the public, only to registered members, or just to yourself. To do so, click on the...


  4. How can I make my profile public or private?

     When you create your Canadian HSS Commons profile, it is public by default. If you wish to make your profile hidden from other Canadian HSS Commons users, please follow these steps:log in to...


  5. How can I manage my group's privacy settings?

    If you are creating a new group:When you create a new group, you can choose to make it discoverable by the public or only by group members. To do so, look for “Discoverability” at the...


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  1. LINCS on the Path Towards Open Scholarship

    Susan Brown and Kim Martin (U Guelph)Abstract: This lightning talk will address the question of how knowledge infrastructures can be more accessible, public-engaging, and, as the call for proposals...


  2. Building Networks: The Lyon in Mourning Project and Institutional Collaborations

    Joey Takeda, Leith Davis, and the Lyon in Mourning Team (Simon Fraser U)Abstract: This paper reports on the ongoing collaboration between Simon Fraser University’s Digital Humanities Innovation Lab...


  3. Interfacing: Investigating the Adoption of Non-Humanities Tools by Humanities Projects

    Evan Rees, Kim Martin, and Susan Brown (U Guelph)Abstract: Current resources for digital scholarship allow for new and exciting ways of seeking, analysing, and creating information. Out of this...


  4. Inclusive Practices in Community-owned Software

    Kate Shuttleworth (Simon Fraser U) & Smecher, Alec (Public Knowledge Project)Abstract: As a community-driven, open source project, PKP relies heavily on collaboration and feedback from our...


  5. Archives and Open Social Scholarship: Fostering Knowledge Diversity and Equity through Multilingual Knowledge Infrastructures

    Satwinder Kaur Bains, Thamilini Jothilingam, and Alisa Sohi (U Fraser Valley)Abstract: Knowledge and its production is informed by the availability and access to existing knowledge infrastructures....


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