Publications: Book chapter

  1. Shakespeare and authorship attribution methodologies

    2021-09-16 23:07:38 | Contributor(s): Hugh Craig | doi:10.80230/HSS-D6RB-F858

    Preprint of chapter in book: Lukas Erne, ed., The Arden Research Handbook of Shakespeare and Textual Studies, London, Bloomsbury, 2021, 225-243.

  2. Technologising the Humanities / Humanitising the Technologies

    2021-03-30 17:48:55 | Contributor(s): Ray Siemens, William Winder | doi:10.80230/HSS-QHVR-RK86

    In his 1989 article, "Computers, Minds, and Texts: Preliminary Reflections," William Paulson reflected on ways in which computing technology had influenced, was influencing, and would continue to influence the...